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Any male reading the above title would initially think, “what a stupid subject, it doesn’t take a manual to know how to masturbate.” They would be correct in that assumption of course. But it takes time and experience to receive the full joys of self manipulation.

As an example, The average boy when first discovering this new-found past time, will jerk-off many times each day. Just the feeling of release is enough to satisfy his needs. This state goes on for many years. But as the boy grows into a man and begins to have sexual

relations with other human beings, the tendency is to search for technique and quality of experience rather than just ‘getting off’.

The following are three of the most popular ways that men masturbate. Read these techniques carefully, they can be used in combinations that will give much pleasure for years to come.


It is suggested as a preparation for masturbation, that the participant obtain external stimuli (ES). The most popular form of (ES) is written pornography. The advan tage to (ES) material is that when reading about sexual situations your masturbitory experience is heightened ten-fold. There are many good authors erotic stories. They can be readily obtained on the internet, or at any adult orientated store. (you must be at least 18 years old to legally obtain these materials)

Before going into manual techniques, let me say a couple of things about preparation. Take your time. To receive full enjoyment from your experience find a time and place where you can masturbate without fear of interruption. Also have the materials easily at hand for clean-up afterwards. This may sound obvious to everyone, but I mention it, only because you need to remove any outside worry’s. To fully enjoy your coming orgasm, it is best to turn your thoughts inward, with as little external stimuli as possible.

Lay completely unclothed on your bed. Begin to read an erotic story. Do not touch yourself until you feel the first drop of pre-cum drip onto your skin. (This is important as preparation to technique One especially)

At that time you are full prepared to begin your manual manipulation.


ONE: (Slip N’ Slide) (SNS) Once your pre-cum has begun to flow, (Without manual manipulation) The male should begin to slowly spread his semen over his erect penis

with thumb and fingers. Taking the penis loosely between his fingers and thumb as if writing a letter. Let the head of the penis gently rub against your the valley between thumb and fore-finger. The combination between the slickness of the distributed pre-come, and the erotic story you are reading will give the closest experience to sex with a woman as possible.

Again, in this technique it is important not to hurry. If the male performs the (SNS) technique correctly, the orgasm should ‘sneak’ up on him. There should be the thought in the back of the man’s mind that is something like, “Wow, I’m going to come any second, and I couldn’t stop from doing so, no matter how hard I tried.” The male should slow his manipulation down at this time, and let the sensation build slowly. He should have a very slick erection fingers rubbing his shaft effortlessly.

NOTE: To increase the intensity of a (SNS) orgasm, just when the male begins to ejaculate, he should raise his legs from the waist, while continuing to lay flat on his back. Legs should be either just a few inches off the bed, or pointing toward the ceiling. (Each male will find his preferred position) The added strain of the stomach muscles will greatly intensify the orgasmic spasms.

(From a sex therapist)